Footbridge & COVID-19 FAQs

Information for Patients

During COVID-19, am I still required to obtain XRAYS?

Most XRAY clinics are currently CLOSED or only accepting urgent requests.  Your Footbridge physician will only order XRAYS if it is urgent, and we will communicate this directly with you.  If you received an XRAY requisition when your appointment was booked, and are not clear, it is best to call us to clarify.  Please call:  778-945-3756 and ask for EXT 111.

If your doctor has requested an URGENT XRAY for your appointment, we will note this on the requisition.  At this time, only the following imaging locations are open:

St. Paul’s Hospital Outpatient Xray Department (9 AM – 3 PM)
West Coast Medical Imaging:
Nelson’s Crescent, New Westminster (9 AM – 3 PM)
Scott Road, Surrey (9 AM – 2 PM)
East Broadway, Vancouver (9 AM – 2 PM)

Prior to going to obtain your XRAY, please call ahead to ensure that they will accept your requisition.

If your XRAY requisition does not say URGENT on it, please contact Footbridge to review the requirement for XRAY and have your requisition amended.

Where can I find instructions for my upcoming appointment?

Please refer to the email that was sent to you with all preparatory instructions for your appointment.  If you did not receive the email, please call our office to ensure that we have the correct contact information on your file.  Please also check your junk box as our emails may be coming from

What should I expect and prepare for my upcoming VIRTUAL/TELEPHONE appointment?

Please refer to the email that was sent to you with all preparatory instructions for your appointment.

Please note:  our online intake questionnaires MUST be completed prior to your appointment.

If you are scheduled for a TELEPHONE CONSULT the physician will likely call you from a private or blocked number so please ensure that your phone is set up to accept incoming calls.

If you are scheduled for a VIRTUAL VISIT, please check your email and/or text messages five minutes before the scheduled appointment time.  All virtual visit instructions will be sent at this time.

If we have requested that you take photos of your affected area, please ensure that they have been emailed to us ahead of your appointment.

I am trying to submit the requested photos for my upcoming appointment, but am having difficulties. What is the best way to do this?

The picture files could be too large to send in one email.  Try sending one or two pictures per email.  We will attach all pictures we receive to your chart for the doctor to review.

I am having difficulties connecting to my virtual appointment. What should I do?

Please ensure that you are using Google Chrome browser and all other applications with camera capabilities are closed.  We recommend that you close out of the video conference, refresh your screen and try to re-open by clicking back into the link that was sent to you.  If technical difficulties persist, the doctor will call you so please have your phone handy, and note that the doctor may be calling you from a private or blocked number.

I have a telephone consultation, but the doctor has not called me yet. For how long should I wait?

Our physicians and care team are working diligently to ensure that the needs of all patients are met during this unprecedented time.  There is a chance that the doctor may run a little late for your appointment.  If the physician is running more than 30 minutes late, our care team will reach out and notify you via telephone.

I am booked for an upcoming IN-PERSON URGENT appointment, and I am experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. What should I do?

If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), please contact our office at 778-945-6756 and let us know prior to your appointment.

All patients who must come into the office to see the physician will receive a screening call from one of our Patient Care Coordinators one business day prior to the appointment.  Upon arriving at Footbridge on the day of your appointment, you will also be screened and your temperature checked.

What procedures are in place to ensure my safety from COVID-19 when I come to Footbridge?

Footbridge has implemented a comprehensive screening strategy for all patients entering the clinic, to avoid any ill patients from visiting.

Our front line staff are equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as recommended by Providence Health Authority.

Who do I contact if I am unsure if my appointment will take place in-person or virtually?

If your appointment is scheduled within the next week, please contact Footbridge to inquire about the status.  If your appointment is scheduled further out, we ask that you refrain from contacting our office, and wait until we contact you.  Our team is diligently working to contact all patients to accommodate this change in order to move forward with your care.  You can expect to hear from us shortly.  Thank you for your patience.

I am waiting to be booked for an initial consultation appointment – when and how will I be contacted?

Our team is diligently working to contact all patients to accommodate the change to virtual/telephone consultations and move forward with your care.  You can expect to hear from us shortly via telephone or email.  Please note, our emails are sent through our secure Input Health portal, so you will receive an email from

I have been booked for surgery, will it be cancelled?

Due to COVID-19, if your surgery was scheduled to take place in March, April, or May it will have been cancelled.  Elective surgeries have begun again, and we are contacting patients to re-book in the order that they were cancelled.

There is still a chance however that your surgery may be cancelled.  This is an evolving situation that we and the health authority are monitoring closely.  As we become aware of new information and guidelines regarding COVID-19, there may be times that we need to quickly respond and augment our plans.  We appreciate your flexibility and willingness to work together as we do our best to activate response plans amid these ever-changing circumstances.

I need surgery urgently and cannot wait until after the COVID-19 crisis has passed, what do I do?

Please contact Footbridge directly at 778-945-6756 ext 117.

I’ve recently had surgery and I am concerned about my surgical wound. What do I do?

Please contact our wound care line:  778-945-6756 ext 115.

I have insurance or medical forms that require my physician’s signature, what do I do?

Please email your forms to and we will have the physician complete them, invoice if necessary and email them back to you.

I need to book a follow-up appointment, or an appointment for an injection, what do I do?

Please email your request for a follow-up appointment to  A Patient Care Coordinator will review your chart and connect with you if it is appropriate to proceed with a virtual or telephone appointment.

Unfortunately at this time we are not booking appointments for injections.  This is being reviewed on a weekly basis, so you can feel free to contact us every few weeks to see if this has changed.

Is Footbridge still offering physiotherapy services?

Yes, our physiotherapists are offering both in person and virtual appointments.  Please email or call us and we will be happy to book you into the next available appointment.

I received a prescription for: orthotics, brace, splint, or other medical device, what do I do?

Our partner, Paris Everybody is working to facilitate such referrals on a virtual basis.  Please contact them at: and they will connect with you directly.

I am on the wait list for surgery – when can I expect to be contacted?

Following our provincial and health authority guidelines, Footbridge has been working closely with St. Paul’s Hospital to begin rescheduling elective surgeries.

If your surgery was cancelled due to COVID-19, you will be contacted in appropriate date order to re-book.

We are taking a very cautious, step-wise approach, which will take time, but you have not been forgotten.  

NOTE:  Surgeries to take place at ASC or UBC have not yet started.  If you are a patient of Dr. Jordan Leith’s, we will contact you to book as soon as surgery resumes.


Information for Health Care Professionals

I am a doctor or nurse, and would like to speak directly with a Footbridge physician, what do I do?

During the COVID-19 crisis, most of our doctors are working remotely.  Please contact our office and we will connect with the doctors in a timely manner to address your inquiry.