Patient FAQs

Have a question?  Our Footbridge Patient Care team has compiled answers to the most common patient inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether seeking to learn more about how to become a patient at Footbridge, or trying to learn more about navigating through surgery, answers to many questions can be found below.

Do I need a referral to come to Footbridge?

A referral is needed to obtain a consultation with a physician at Footbridge.

However, Footbridge offers other helpful services such as physiotherapy and pedorthics, which do not require a referral from a physician.

If you are experiencing muscuoskeletal pain and do not know where to start, we suggest booking an appointment with a Footbridge physiotherapist who can provide an assessment and facilitate an appointment with a physician or pedorthist if required.

Is my visit covered by my provincial medical coverage?

Consultations with all physicians at Footbridge are covered by provincial MSP.

Consultations with a Footbridge Physiotherapist are often covered by extended health, and – in some cases – by provincial MSP.

Pedorthic assessments are not covered by MSP, but are often covered by extended health plans.

Where is Footbridge located?

Footbridge is located in downtown Vancouver, between Gastown and Chinatown.  Further information about directions can be found here.

I’ve received an email notification about an appointment, how do I confirm that I will attend?

All physician appointments at Footbridge are booked via email.  Patients receive an email approximately four weeks prior to the scheduled appointment time with the appointment details (including date, time, and the physician).  Upon receiving the email/appointment notification, patients must confirm the appointment within 48 hours, or the appointment will be cancelled.

There are two ways to confirm and/or change a physician appointment:

  1.  THROUGH OUR SECURE ONLINE PORTAL: appointments can be confirmed or a different appointment requested by clicking on the link in the email.  Patients will be asked to answer some questions to confirm identity. you can confirm or request a different appointment day/time by clicking on the link in the email that you receive.  You will be asked to answer some questions to confirm your identity once in the portal you can either confirm that you will attend your assigned appointment date/time, or request a different date/time.
  2. BY CALLING OUR CENTRE: you can call us to confirm or change the appointment date/time.  Our phone number is:  778-945-6756.  Please ask to speak with extension 112.

A Footbridge surgeon has signed me up for surgery, where will it take place?

Footbridge doctors operate at three different hospitals.

If your physician was:

  • Dr. Jordan Leith – your surgery will either be at ASC or UBC Hospital
  • Drs. Stothers, Penner, Younger, Wing, Velkjovic, Sadr – your surgery will take place at St. Paul’s Hospital

What is the wait time to obtain surgery?

Currently, the approximate wait-times for surgery are as follows:

  • Inpatient foot and ankle procedures: 9-12 months
  • Daycare foot and ankle procedures: 6-12 months
  • Hip & Knee Replacements: 10 – 12 months
  • Sport Knee (ACL etc.): 4-8 months

Is there a surgical cancellation list?

Yes.  Patients on our cancellation list have expressed that they are able to have surgery with less than two weeks’ notice.  If you would like to be added to our surgical cancellation list, please contact our office: 778-945-6756 XT 117.

What does it mean to agree to have surgery with the “next available” surgeon?

Patients who choose to have surgery with the “next available” surgeon will be booked in with the first available, most appropriate surgeon.  Since patients are not on a wait list for a specific surgeon, wait times for surgery are generally much shorter.  Patients who select this option will be required to come in for a pre-op appointment with the surgeon who will be performing the surgery at least six weeks prior to the scheduled surgery. 

When will I find out my surgery date?

Footbridge receives the surgery schedules 2-4 months in advance.  Therefore, patients are notified approximately 2-4 months before surgery.  When we have a surgical date available, we will contact you, and detail all of the steps needed to prepare for your operation.

Please call and advise our office of any dates that you will be away or unavailable for surgery while on our surgical wait list.  

What equipment will I need for surgery?

Your Footbridge Patient Care Team will inform you what equipment will be needed for surgery when you hear from us to confirm a surgery date.  The equipment required may include:  walker boot, mobility aid, home care, etc.

If you have lost the list that was emailed to you (through our secure server), please call us: 778-945-6756 XT 117.

Equipment can be purchased at Footbridge or at most medical supply stores.  Some items can be rented through Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program.

Do I require a pre-assessment appointment or an anesthetic consult?

Some patients may require a consultation with the anesthesiologist or nurse prior to surgery.  If this is needed, St. Paul’s Hospital pre-admission clinic will contact you to book approximately 1-2 weeks before the date of your surgery.

When do I receive the details of my surgery such as time and preparation information?

You can expect a call from Footbridge* the day before your scheduled surgery.

We will provide you with the following:

  • Time to arrive at the hospital,
  • Where to check in,
  • Eating and drinking protocol

*Patients of Dr. Leith having surgery at ASC or UBC Hospital, will receive a call from the hospital directly with this information.  

When will post-operative instructions be provided to me?

After you have had your operation, the surgeon (or fellow) will visit you to answer questions.  You will also be provided with all information you need for post-operative care.