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Footbridge Clinic

Our Location

We are located at unit 221, 181 Keefer Place in Vancouver (between Abbott and Expo Blvd)

PHONE: 778-945-6756

FAX: 778-945-6775

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Directions to Footbridge Centre

Foorbridge is located on Keefer Place between Abbott and Expo Boulevard.

Our front entrance is outside, on the plaza level, up the stairs from the traffic circle where (T&T Supermarket is located) and on the right-hand side.

If you cannot use the stairs, there are two ELEVATORS available. One elevator is located directly to the left of the stairs and the other is to the right into the building next to T&T Market. Once on the second level, exit the elevator and proceed directly across the courtyard to Footbridge.

Printable directions to Footbridge

Printable directions to West Coast Medical Imaging


Footbridge is located directly on the Expo Line at the Stadium-Chinatown Station. There are two exits for the Stadium-Chinatown Station: take the Keefer Place exit. Proceed to the stairs, escalator or elevator and go UP. Once on the next level, turn right and exit the compass doors, then proceed down the set of stairs (or take the ramp that is directly to the right as you exit). Footbridge is on the left-hand side.

Bus Lines

The bus stops closest to Footbridge are on Pender & Abbott or Hastings & Abbott.

Main Parking

Underground parking is accessible via the lane off of Abbott Street between Keefer Place and Pender Street. The parkade is marked with a red and white sign: “Impark Public Pay Parking (Paris Square – Lot #946)”. If you are using a GPS or smart phone to located the parking lot, type “Vancouver BC V6B 2L2” into the search field which will provide the exact location.

Footbridge has five designated free parking spots which our patients and surgeons may use if available: numbers 215-219. (Please note that these spots are often full) Other spots are available and the rates are $2.00 first hour, $3.45 for two hours, $6.33 for three hours and maximum daily rate is $10.35. There are two parking machines to pay for parking – one is located by T&T Supermarket..

To locate Footbridge from underground parking, take the elevator to the second floor, proceed through two sets of doors to the main hallway, then turn LEFT and follow the hall to the front doors which will lead you outside. Then turn RIGHT and Footbridge will be immediately in front of you.

Alternative underground parking is also available off the Keefer Place traffic circle (The Espana Lot#1960) for $3.30/hour. The elevator is located outside the underground parking lot, directly in the traffic circle to the left of the staircase.

HandyDART information

Footbridge patients who require HandyDART transportation can access the link and information here.

Drop Off

Footbridge patients can be dropped off on the Keefer Place traffic circle, and proceed to the staircase or to either of the two elevators. One elevator is located directly to the left of the stairs and the other is into the building next to T&T Market.