Independent Medical Examinations

Located in downtown Vancouver, Footbridge offers in-house Independent Medical Examinations (IME), expert reports and expert opinions for orthopaedic, surgical, and functional assessments.

Footbridge Centre for Integrated Orthopaedic Care has an in-house IME department, providing expert medical-legal opinions and assessments. Our staff handle all aspects of the medical-legal process, from booking to finalizing reports. Unlike dedicated assessment firms, Footbridge is a medical clinic with its own practicing physicians, who coordinate their IME work into the rest of their practice. This results in direct, expedited access to experienced, practicing specialists at their primary place of work. The benefits of sourcing a medical expert from Footbridge include:

  • Experienced, reputable physicians. Our doctors are very highly regarded, and have extensive experience in their fields, as well as in conducting IMEs and attending trial. Reports are high quality, and hold up to scrutiny.
  • Direct Access. Footbridge is the home office for our doctors. There are no third parties required to arrange bookings or to manage communication between you and the doctor. When retaining a Footbridge physician, you will work directly with the Footbridge IME office. We have direct access to the doctors’ schedules and can provide quickest appointments and reports.
  • Less money for your client. By booking directly through Footbridge, it is not necessary to pay a third party to be involved.
  • Dedicated, responsive point of contact. Like larger companies that specialize in providing IMEs, Footbridge has a dedicated IME department that will arrange everything, including scheduling assessments, phone calls, trials and reports.

Our physicians are fully independent, and are willing to conduct work as requested by plaintiff or defence. Many have provided expert testimony in court, including under cross examination. They can also conduct assessments for insurance or employment purposes.

To make an inquiry, please contact our IME Coordinator, Cameron Davy via the online contact form or through phone: 778-945-6758 or fax: 778-945-6775.

Our Physicians:

Orthopaedic Surgeons/Surgical Specialists

Dr. Murray Penner
Foot & Ankle

Dr. Alastair Younger
Foot & Ankle

Dr. Kevin Wing
Foot & Ankle

Dr. Andrea Velkjovic
Foot & Ankle

Dr. Keith Stothers
Hip & KNee

Dr. Jordan Leith
Hip, Knee, Elbow, Shoulder, Sport Injuries

Dr. Hooman Sadr
Foot & Ankle, Knee, Hip, Trauma

Sport & Exercise Medicine Physicians/Functional Specialists

Dr. Michael Wilkinson

Dr. Sara Forsyth