Dr. Oliver Gagne MDCM, FRCSC

Orthopaedic Surgeon

About Dr. Oliver Gagne

Areas of specialty: Foot and Ankle

Dr. Oliver J. Gagné is an Orthopaedic surgeon in the Department of Orthopaedics at St. Paul’s Hospital.  He was born and raised in Amqui, Québec. He completed medical school at McGill University and after completing Canadian medical licensing exams, he entered and completed the orthopaedic surgery residency program at the University of British Columbia. After finishing his residency at UBC, he moved to New York City to complete his Foot and Ankle Fellowship at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Upon completing his fellowship, he joined the orthopaedic surgery team at Saint-Paul’s Hospital. He is also currently enrolled in an executive master’s program with the London School of Economics. He is an avid skier, swimmer, and cyclist. He enjoys travelling and has a better day when he has had a cappuccino and a croissant in the morning.

Post-Secondary Education

  • McGill University Montreal, Québec, Canada
  • University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Orthopedic Surgery Specialty Residency
  • Hospital for Special Surgery New York City, NY, USA
    Foot and Ankle Surgery Subspecialty Fellowship
  • London School of Economics London, United Kingdom
    Executive Masters in Health Economics, Policy and Management